Commercial Haskell Training

We offered training at Lambda Conf!

We provided two full-days of corporate training from both of us (Chris Allen & Julie Moronuki) in Boulder, Colorado. The commercial training packages we offer are an excellent way to prepare yourself for the intermediate and advanced content at LambdaConf and preceding mini-conferences. They're also a great way to get a team jump-started in applying Haskell within your company.

Everyone that signed up for training was provided copies of the book.

Training tracks

We offer beginner and intermediate tracks, explained below.

Beginner track

The beginner track is from the top. We take everyone through the book from as early as the earliest stage beginner to programming in the beginner track.

Intermediate track

The intermediate track assumes understanding of Haskell roughly commensurate with having completed our chapters on testing or monad.

Want to contact us about training? Give us a shout!

The above is an example of what we've done in the past, if you think you need customized support we can explore your needs.

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